May 1st, 2009

sleepy ash

Thursdays: SPN, Harper's Island, Basquash!

Enter key posted this earliy.. to recovered and done here we go
Spoilers ljcutted, nons, not. XD

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Also not only is RealRuby in this, but Bobby too. He's the sheiff. Father of Abby, who's mother was one of the victims of Wakefield.  Abby's the best friend of Henry the groom.

RealRuby - Katie Cassidy will be in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. (Oddly Sam - Jared P. was in the remake of Friday the 13th) Thomas Dekker (John Conner - the sarah conner chronicles) also stars.

BTW - i just call them Bobby and Ruby... and Henry i refer to as Jake from Jake 2.0 >.>
Also Ronald from one of SPN's eps... is also in it, and i call him Ronald. >.>'''

Basquash! - Dan uses the term 'Basquash' in this episode, and everyone is like What the Fuck is Basquashu?
Next week human basketball!