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dark-alone [userpic]

AOST forum - teams

May 19th, 2009 (07:45 am)
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I'm not a team on said forum.

No one is posting in the 'group' Just me.

When I get pissed about it, they claim to be too busy with school or work.
If that was true... i would not be seeing them everyday in irc.
they post everyday on the forum.

But they have no time to be on the forum... Alrighty then... feed me another line. One i may be able to buy.
Be creative. If you can.

Yeps i'm leaving the team after the current contest.
I didn't join a team to post comments to myself, and wait for nothing to happen.
I joined to actually converse with people, and for a time that was true.

All the other teams are actively chatting, why did my team become so lame?
Used to be the cool team. FAIL.

well gotta head out for work. Stuck there til 2pm.
Inventory tomorrow, in the stock room, so everything's gotta be open and out of boxes.
Thursday it's inventory on the floor. So I'll work Friday this week.

look at me!
I'm here!

One foot out the door on aost. Completely.

PS: you know when you call ppl stupid in a certain thread (on irc), and then another person thinks you're calling them stupid, but in fact you aren't, but you don't bother to correct them, cuz at that point you just don't really care? that happened to me yesterday. XD

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