May 30th, 2009

sleepy ash

Note to self

Shirley hardcore have 'sex with me' fans are bitches.

The others are cool.

love me.
other news i caught a lurker who was nice about my 'why you like Shirley' question. ^^

Now I reminder to myself avoid posts by: chocoshins 
sleepy ash

Got Part B of the team contest thing done

(ignoring any replies from that person now. totally reminds me of my brother, and that is not a good thing)

it's like 27 songs stuck together, but if you are interested in hearing it....
Just barely under 10mins.
realized after i was 'done' that i forgot to put Shao Pai Long in it.. so it's at the begining now. lol

Many many many MANY weeks worth of work.

and i think i'll have to do another Iceman vector.. i can't help myself.