May 31st, 2009

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basic shapes down

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- Colours will change
- Problems? I don't want him (the vector) to use the 'in the dark' colours, i want him to look natural.  Only thing is wearing this outfit he appears: under a purple/pink light; under a tanny sunlight, and in the dark. XD The finger tips are a different colour than any other blue. And i think that it part of this long glove, i know it's not the shirt at least. XD

Catch Me. I'm Falling.

EDIT: oh yeah and welcome to hautalken .

no words

Vector & blah

It's a coming, yes it is.

Decided to watch The Princess Bride today. I still love that show. Of course now, unlike when I was little, Chris Sarandon as Prince Humperdick = Jack Skellington - TNBC so.. yeah. LOL I find myself now unable to fully hate him. /truth

Cary Elwes and fencing... Of note when he later starred in Mel Brooks' Robin Hood Men in Tights via the making of it, it was noted he didn't need any training in sword play or horseback riding. No I'm not a Cary Elwes fangirl, really.

Robin Wright Penn - Princess Buttercup.... i don't think i've seen her in anything else. What does she do? She's married to Sean Penn, that's all I know about her. This was her first movie/anything.

Mandy Patinkin - Most likely the most quoted ever.

Andre the Giant (RIP) - wrestler.

Wallace Shawn - annoying little guy, ain't he? lol Star Trek Next Gen.

Fred Savage - Who? j/k I has him in The Wizard too. >.> About the same time I'd bet.  *looks* close 1989. This movie was 1987.

I was 7 when this movie came out.