June 14th, 2009

Shh blood

I'm still awake!

umm.... uhh.... what was i gonna post about? -_-

Well I'm still hunting the interwebs for Sengoku BASARA OSTs Anime....
Success Rate: hearing test = fail; 1 poor quality track found

Watched the first 3 DVDs in Trinity Blood today... Nakai! erm.. Tres is Date, okay? So he is extra cool now.

Sims 3

Yeps... she passed out. This is Citron. She's slightly stupid or something.
She was tired so i sent her home thinking she'd go to bed on her own, since, you know she was whining about being tired.
So while i was making sure other sims were rested up for work (Citron's unemployed) and ate before heading out to work... she gets herself a fancy coffee. She's like in the red for energy at this point. Then she gets another cup.  (tell me she's not deeply stupid, please)  2 on now at work, and 2 are still sleeping. Iceman has the day off so he can sleep as long as he wants. Citron gets up and then falls asleep standing. Then she wakes up only to pass out on the floor. Wait, it gets better, she wakes up goes and gets in a bed. Sleeps forever with her bladder in the red.... wakes up and pees herself.... -_-

I'm thinking about getting her a bike.

She also likes to go to the cementary and talk to ghosts.... they seem to be colour coded.... one's white/grey, blue, and there's a yellow/orange one that's smelly...  Citron caught a stag bettle worth $240 or so and sold it to the science lab...

yeah i think it's bedtime now... almost 3am WooHoo!
which is sex on sims... but yeah... >.>