June 22nd, 2009

sleepy ash


I got my PASH! July so i'm curently scanning the pull posters that i want too XD

Sengoku BASARA (no Date u.u)

there's a PoT one on the reverse of Natsume, i may also scan, it's Tezuka afterall, and Fuji? ah it's been too long!

lol not only did i cutoff part of Yukimura's hand, but i also managed to scan him croocked XD

shares later!
sleepy ash



Have you read this?
You should.

Have you heard the Drama CD?
You need too.

Scanalations -MediaFire- (Complete)
This manga is by Toboso Yana, you may know her from Kuroshitsuji.
Drama CD


So um.. Ono Daisuke is the main character...weird... >.>
Yes! I just found out there was one!

アルドレッド・ヴァン・エンヴリオ  …… 小野大輔
終夜 荊(よすがら けい)   …… 朴璐美
天草 小太刀(あまくさ こだち)…… 豊口めぐみ
リドヴィナ・ノヴィエ        …… 茅原実里
翡 西虎(フェイ シャオフウ)  …… 櫻井孝宏
煉獄院・G・咲人(れんごくいん・G・さきひと)  …… 代永翼
ラビ・フォルスナー  …… 杉田智和
カイン・ヴァン・エンヴリオ  …… 諏訪部順一

You-kyan as Six is great.
SuzuKen as Seven reminds me of Ryuutarous - den-o role >.>

Englished cast by xxgunxx 

Aldred Von Envurio : Ono Daisuke
Kei Yosugara : Paku Romi
Kodachi Amakusa : Toyoguchi Megumi
Lydwine Novie : Minori Chihara
Faye Shaofuu : Sakurai Takahiro
Sakihito G. Rengokuin : Yonaga Tsubasa
Rabi Forsner : Sugita Tomokazu
Kain von Envurio : Suwabe Junichi

now as babble above goes:

Six - Nakamura Yuuichi
Seven - Suzumura Kenichi