July 7th, 2009

sleepy ash


has shipped my G00 song box set thingy.... oops forgot about that coming out this week...

was hoping it was my hakushaku ost, s.onmyouji drama cd one instead.... @_@

oh and Saji's get a VA single for G00.... >.>
sleepy ash


me... I ... self.... you?

I've been in the habit lately of riping audio from eps of 07-ghost so i can listen to them on Iceman (mp3 player) before work. And I've been writting notes about events during the episode for Ashita He. Not a big deal right? 'Cept for say that fact that I shouldn't really be able to write notes from an audio of an episode that i haven't seen with a sub yet, that is in another language that i do not speak or read, right?

I bought volume 3 of the manga, which i think i mentioned already, and wasn't planning on reading because the first chapter was where the anime is now, at ep 14. But as i sat waiting for 8:45am, and as i brought the vol with me, and had listened to the ep and wrote weird notes down (in my sketchbook cuz i forgot the notebook!) I thought: 'what the hell? It'll help me understand what Suwabe (frau) was mumbling in the ep... and it really did!

Sadly... i read passed the episode... and now i feel i've spoiled myself. lol
I fail. XD

I've got pages and pages of Frau notes... and nothing else. Sure sucks to be another character on Ashita He, that's for sure.