July 21st, 2009

sleepy ash


BSG season 4 OST is leaked. and all is excited. and im sitting here wonder which track is the track i want. why can't it be named 'this track! this track!'?

-trying to get the limitations lifted on Paypal... what a blind chore. would it kill them to label shit?

-5th anniversary coming on thursday....

-poor amazon.ca for months now (it's really there fault) they've been searching for DNAngel vol 12 for me. It's now re-listed as release this week. let's hope so. i think it was set for a March release....

-amazon is also getting ready to ship my G00 part 1, finally.

ah i think it's this track: "Kara Remembers (From 'Someone to Watch Over Me')" track 17; disc 1
it's quiet... it's more quiet then the 3rd vol of tenko-hen... ah now it's getting more loud and cool and shit *_*

-apparently sony plans on releasing the other half of Blood+ in October. about fucking time. even with the worst subs ever. -_-
I'll half to wait longer though. There's no way in hell i'm paying full price for that shit. Didn't last time.

and where is my 07-Ghost raw? the stream's up.... but i don't want a stream!

EDIT: paypal's restored! you may all start selling items once more with the chance i may buy something! rejoice!