July 30th, 2009

sleepy ash



I worked a "full shift" at work today. Meaning I started at 8am thinkin' i'd be done at 12pm, but was asked if i could work a full shift, and decided too. So 8am - 4:30pm and I survived!

so since i've not updated some person crap... here we go...

Dad got married that friday of that week. We had a 'reception' of sorts at an Idian food resturant that he likes, and most of the family was there.

My cousin had her reception, we stayed late, because it was fun, got home at 2am D:
We got honey as the wedding favour. Pat's mom has bees or something. XD

tagged for a meme by insatiablegrit

1. Write down every letter of your name.
2. Then type a song that pops up in your mind in each letter of your name as the first letter.
3. Count the number of letters and tag that many people in your friends list.

K  Kill Caustic - AFI
R  Right Where It Belongs - NIN
 I  I'll Keep Your Memory Vague - Finger 11
S  Spirit Dreams Inside - larku
T  The Time Warp - RHPS (Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quin, Little Nell)
A  All You Did Was Save My Life - Our Lady Peace

Tags: whom ever wishes to do so XD