August 2nd, 2009



been having this epic weird dreams for the past 3 nights. Can't really remember anything about them, tho of course.
2 nights no one I know or knew appeared in them, which is weird, cuz they always (usually) are linked to my RL somehow.

Last night family members appeared, but I cannot remember anything else.

1 of them had... well... point form notes, kay?

- a large building, sorta like a large cottage up high with trees around it, maybe on a cliff

- lots of ppl, like 'we' were planning something

- later there was a ship, and I was climbing up a ladder. There was a small boy ahead of me, and his fatehr ahead of him. They were black. (i think this came from me watching Babylon 5 season 5 to be honest. XD Not that the doctor had a son or anything... ) The Dad got to the top of the ship's ladder, and on to the ship, his son was having trouble getting on it, and I was trying to 'push' him so he would fall backwards, but it was hard cuz I was still on the ladder and didn't want to fall either, and his Dad was doing nothing.

- they are on board, but before I can get on it, this guys show up with weapons and I sorta jump over to the side and try to get unto a railing, but fall down to the next level, where some of these armed ppl pull me on board.

- on the ship there's this sorta store like area (i know it's weird) i'm there with a few ppl i know from that 'cottage' before. I have to use the washroom, as does a guy. There are 2 of them, and for some reason i know that the girls is not too 'clean' but i go in anyway, and the guy goes into the boys. When inside i think to myself 'should have went in the guys.'  There's pee on the floor infront of the toilet, and on the lid which is down. I wipe it with the rug with my foot.

- outside they are trying to get some kind of info from us, and deciding what to do/where to put us.
- there's this one woman who seems to really hate me, like she knows me. @_@
- the 'boss' tells her to leave me alone, and he takes me to his room. We sorta just lay there on his bed and rest.
- he's then called to see to something, and that woman from before comes in. Starts on me, about not getting too comfortable, and I tell her nothing happened. He comes back in and tells her to leave, and to leave me alone.

then i woke up.
That was night 1. Don't remember anything from Night 2. and Night 3 of course was the family related dream, which of course never happened, it was a dream with people i know involved in weird situations...

yeah.. i'm that weird.