August 7th, 2009


I'm insane

I just now (that's why it's so blah) made a com for: miracle_train .
Feel free to join if interested. Looking for a co-mod or mods.

I know like nothing about what this is about.
The cast is made of awesomeness tho.

Feel extra free to help me with a basic plot for the profile page. XD

Now to find some semi decent images for graphics.... @_@

yocchin, kamiyan, okiayu, irino, miyata

sleepy ash

Talking with clueless ppl

okay as I mentioned before the MyAnimeList club for Sebastian stole my wallpaper and used it for one of there membership cards, right?

So I joined, after a friend tried to get them to admit to stealing it, and failed, I posted a 'thank you for stealing blurb'
After which i think i was staying sorta calm about it... and polite, with this one member who was responding to me.

Today I popped into the fanclub, and saw another user commented about my wall being stolen, so i tried to respond to them and that other member i was talking about responded cuz she lives on that FC or something.

I posted a compare to screen - vector image:

saying how the big clue it wasn't official was the moon in the backgrd makes the lighting wrong etc, right?

response: "Well it was kinda obvious the vector was traced from the screencap. I mean no one can color and draw everything like that to be exact. But to make it different they added the moon in the back and made a different bg. Lol."

EXACT? I mean yeah the pose, cuz HELLO it's a vector! but nothing else is exact. The Colours, hair, blood on clothes, it's DIFFERENT.
And the vector doesn't have a background, this is a wallpaper with the vector..... >.<


PS: i was just on another kuroshitsuji club on mal and said person posted in a thread about membership cards:

"Member cards make the world go round. I'd say just make sure the pictures you choose aren't vectors. Cause too many people complain if you use it for a member card." - Shunhades