August 8th, 2009


Miracle Train Anime cast

Tokyo Chou Line was for the online comic and novel (obviously there was some kind of audio somewhere for this, yes?)
Now from what i'm gathering... the anime will have a different train line meaning different characters and cast... that fails, if it's true.
And DAMN for listing the Tokyo Chou Line as the cast. >.<

Well still (obviously)  going forward with the com. Just now i'm not sure about who to use in the header image/icons. >.<

I've gathered up pics for the Tokyo Chou Line but not for the new line.... "Ōedo subway line"
Because on the anime tv site under characters they appear to be the same, at least 2 i checked were....
sleepy ash



Anime cast is different which kinda sucks cuz i wanted Yocchin badly, and Kamiyan, and okiayu etc... but i like this cast too, minus maybe KENN cuz what the fuck? but anyway...

Ōedo subway line <-- anime
Fumi Roppongi - KENN
Saki Tochou - Sugita Tomokazu
Izayoi Tsukishima - Ono Daisuke
Iku Shiodome - Kaji Yuuki
Itsumi Ryougoku - Morita Masakazu
Rintarō Shinjuku - ???

Tokyo Chou Line <-- non-anime
Zero Tōkyō - Yoshino Hiroyuki
Riku Nakano - Kamiya Hiroshi
Takuto Kichijōji - Irino Miyu
Lune Tachikawa - Miyata Kouki
Shintarō Shinjuku - Okiayu Ryotaro

Rintarō Shinjuku / Shintarō Shinjuku.... can we still have Okiayu? *____* please!

so yeah Ono, Sugita, Morita.... Kaji (played Finny in Kuroshitsuji)

this is all's fault.

Okies got a header for miracle_train . It features the Tokyo Chou Line tho... but still is Miracle Trian, so it works for now.