August 30th, 2009

sleepy ash

Summer EHDD cleaning

YOCCHIN and I have been facing endless 'OMGs! Almost out of room!' issues. So I was cleaning the BL Drama Folder, since i often d/l a pile of shot and never listen, or at least I used too. Anyways I was checking rars/zips to see if they were unrared/zipped yet and whatnot and deleting them. A few folders had the manga inside them... with is just wrong! but anyway stopped on 'Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru' and thought well i've got the manga to follow along with (only4 chps in english tho D: ) It's complete awesomeness! The drama I mean, that is... the manga's fine too, for pictures... completely unable to follow along with it though. lol

But there's gonna be anime for it! Super score! article from July 30th. Apparently they will officially announce it in October. *_*

Cast (drama CDs):
Sakurai Yuki - Hoshi Souichiro
Luka Crosszeria - Sakurai Takahiro

Giou Takahiro - Koyasu Takehito
Murasame Tooko - Inoue Marina
Murasame Tsukumo - Fukuyama Jun
Usui Shuusei - Miyano Mamoru
Renjyou Hotsuma - Ono Daisuke
Kanata - Ishida Akira
Yuki (past life) - Yukana

Anime cast of course may vary, but i hope not.

like OMGs stuff that happens in it is sooooooooooo *_______________________________________*   or  @_________________@ WHY?!?!?!

there may be slight incest... or hinted incest. XD just what i got from the pictures in the manga. lol