August 31st, 2009

sleepy ash

Daytime Emmys on The CW

that's right... on The CW... yeah.. i know makes zero sense.

Totally started tweeting about it. Got tweet quoted too. XD Here. Twice.

One's about Guiding Light which shines it's light for the last time September 18th, after 75 years on air.
The other is about Sandra Oh and Sesame Street. 40 yrs on air.

Also somewhere in there they showed a General Hospital Promo. I know I was shocked too. I mean it's The CW, not ABC. So WTF? Anyways. it looks so awesome!

Promo here.

I'll refer to it now as the Carnival Arc

Collapse )

Starts Friday. The "Death" will be on the 8th, i guess. Longer cliffhanger, with the long weekend too.
Also promo music is 'Last Train Home' by Ryan Star

looks epic, i sure hope so.