September 10th, 2009

sleepy ash

SPN Kicked it!

no spoilers! I know at least one of you couldn't watch it right away. But I was impressed.

Vampire Diaries... (pre-dates Twilight so STFU) it was really really good!
Paul Wesley was the main reason i gave it a shot. I just love him. First saw him on Another World as Seasn, later on Wolf's Lake. I'm so gonna love this one. ^_^

Also i'm now the maintainer of basquash
So i'm recruiting people to liven up the place. Post, fangirl about anything! Sharing scans, media, icons, fic, anything at all!</span>

sleepy ash

YA Orders

I Ordered the October mags: animage, media, NT. Shipped already. Just ordered them like 10mins before they shipped them. @_@

Also made an order for the FFVII:ACC OST & Natsume Mooklet. OST comes out Wednesday.
Basquash! OST order will also be shipped around that time...

I guess I'll be posting the Basquash! OST in my newly owned com. lol