October 24th, 2009

Brera Cute!

live music rips... yes

The Macross F Galaxy Tour Final in Budokan concerted that was shared on the MF com.. well i decided to rip the songs and what not for personal listening. But figured I'd share them here too.
  1. Instrumental track labeled 'Prologue F' -could be wrong -MF-
  2. Futari no Diamond -Nakajima Megumi, May'n -MF-
  3. Instrumental track labeled 'Take Off' -MF-
  4. What 'bout my star? @ Formo -Nakajima Megumi, May'n -MF-
  5. Budokan Medley #1 - Triangler /What 'bout my star? /Ai Oboete Imasu ka? /My Boyfriend is a Pilot /Infinity /Welcome to My Fanclub's Night! /Diamond Crevasse /Seikan Hikou /Anata no Oto /Nyan Nyan~ /Sagittarius 9pm Don't be late /Triangler -Nakajima Megumi, May'n  -MF-
  6. Ninjin loves you, yeah~ -Nakajima Megumi -MF-
  7. Anata no Oto -Nakajima Megumi -MF-
  8. My Boyfriend is a Pilot -Nakajima Megumi -MF-
  9. Talk 1 - Include Nyan Nyan~ (Nakajima Megumi, Nakamura Yuichi, Kamiya Hiroshi, Miyate Kenta) -MF-
  10. Neko Nikki -Nakajima Megumi -MF-
  11. Seikan Hikou -Nakajima Megumi -MF-
  12. Ranka no Iteza -Nakajima Megumi, May'n -MF-
  13. Welcome to My Fanclub's Night! -May'n -MF-
  14. Northern Cross -May'n -MF-
  15. Aimo  -Nakajima Megumi, May'n -MF-
  16. Aimo O.C -Nakajima Megumi -MF-
  17. Infinity -May'n -MF-
  18. Instrumental track labeled 'Tsuioku no Trumpet' -MF-
  19. Ao no Ether -Nakajima Megumi -MF-
  20. Diamond Crevasse -May'n -MF-
  21. Yousei -May'n -MF-
  22. Instrumental track labeled 'instrumental' -MF-
  23. Ai Oboete Imasu ka? -Nakajima Megumi, May'n -MF-
  24. Budokan Medley #2 - Lion /Infinity /My Boyfriend is a Pilot /Diamond Crevasse /Seikan Hikou /What 'bout my star? /Lion  /Ai Oboete Imasu ka? -Nakajima Megumi, May'n -MF-

from the encore:
Diamond Crevasse (Piano) -Kanno Yoko, Nakajima Megumi, May'n -MF-

The first disc was 1hr 55mins.
the encore was almost another hr. But it was awesome to see.