October 27th, 2009

sleepy ash

tyhis and that

i fail at typing today.

today there was 7.5 flat carts for linens, and 1 candy.

I left with both of my 3 tier blue carts packed full of stock, comforters and blankets aplenty in the stock room, and a new fleece sheet set on 3 shelves. Did i mention kim had me in Kids waiting for 10 flat carts that were really 1.5? that's right 1 and half flat carts, not 10.

and we have to work in pairs with this new system. Wendy G's sick with the flu. My MaryAnne left early for a doctor's appointment, it may be a kidney stone. x.x

SST Debbie is on holidays. I didn't see Jayne, or Karen.
Carmen was working solo....

I was freaking out. with piles on 2 beds, all over the floor, and that table they put up for us.
Bill came up to me and said: "i see your face is really red. don't stress out over things you can't do." <-- see that's what Kim should say. That's what a manage should be like, instead of bitching at you for not being able to do something. Not making you feel even shittier if you call in sick.

rain_of_mind package is in Canada... waaaaay over there in Vancouver, but it is here. Just waiting for customs to look at it. Before it starts the slow crawl over to here. lol