November 1st, 2009

sleepy ash

i'm awesome

Happy Belated Halloween

Halloween Treats

Located @ MiniTokyo or this one:

Halloween Treats
by ~headstro on deviantART

One with and one without 'halloween' on it

But why am i so awesome?

Well i'll tell ya. I fucking rammed my toe (the one beside the baby toe) into this evil ass coffee table we have, and thusly either broke, or sprained the damned thing. and how i find myself hobbling around, walking very slow in shoes, and needing to put the foot up A LOT. which limits me doing much of anything. I'm just hoping it's a hell of a lot better by tuesday, for work. I did this on Friday. Had to sit down and not move for at least 15 mins right afterwards. The pain was incredible. x.x

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doesn't look like much, but damn it hurts.

Stereo was so in needing of a replacement, and since all there really seems to be now are stupid iPod docked ones, i decided to also get computer speakers. First ones for this computer. they are shiny. used up the rest of my gift cards, and spent about $50 money monies on them but i love them.

merlin season 2. I've seen to ep 4. It's awesome. I love it. I've got eps 5-6 and will watch soon. I recommned this British series, and know a few of you are watching it as well..