November 7th, 2009

sleepy ash

i was checking my google Analytics thing for Ashita He...

and saw an odd phrasing in the keywords part: "what's with that attitude" so i decided to google it myself...

it's from Black Blood Brothers, Cain says it to Zelman. But anyways there's this person's blog where she actually copy & pasted my chara pages for Jirou, Katarou, Zelman, and Mimi. I mean come on it's a blog, not a fansite. loser for stealing it from me to begin with and extra fail for miss using it. Also took my images as while. -_-

oh also Si and his image too.

she's disabled right click on her blog... so no one steals the stole content...? not that it's not easy to get around that tho.

Free Image Hosting at

and just found another one. It's even worse.

Free Image Hosting at

Notice on the image (yes they stole my crappy ass graphics again) they've put their url on it?

first one is from nov 2008, the 2nd one feb 2009....

still on the last one... they even have one of my crappy ass bbb wallpapers with their url stuck on it. o.O
chara theft this time includes: Wong, Chan, Rinsuke, mimiko, jirou, kataru, zelman.

i may have to start tagging my gfx on Ashita He. I mean the site use ones.

site 1 | site 2.