November 25th, 2009

sleepy ash

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Someone found an upload of 07-Ghost OST @ 07_ghost

I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive.I haven't d/led it, i'm being good, and just waiting for mine to come. I will still be ripping it and sharing, so no worries. If you want to wait for mine, that is.

It will be ripped @ 320kbps & I will scan the booklet.
I'll try to get it up at MediaFire, tho it may be in parts or by disc, since i know it will be over 200MB.

Plan on u/l to MF & MU
Will be Friends-Locked
Will be a rar, i don't do zips
(google: winrar)

Listening to the New BECCA album. It's good. Minus that Dreamer song, but she is singing with Bennie or someone, so that explains the FAIL.
Available @ bestfiction. Singer of I'm Alive from Kuroshitsuji
sleepy ash

07-Ghost Soundtrack ~ Melody of Michael ~

Collapse )

english tracklist stolen from shockinblue
partial (so far) romanji trans by migi_47

Most of my favourite tracks are on disc 3. Disc 2 has "Be Pure My Child, and Sleep" & "Tree's Filtered Sunlight" which are very notable.

MediaFire: Disc 1 & 2 | Disc 3 & Scans

New upload is here.

File Sizes: 172.53 MB & 83.65 MBBitrate: 320kbps
Format: MP3

Composer: Nakagawa Kotaro
  • File tags make use of ~ instead of ~ as seen above. The first 20 or so have romanji titles, as i'd prefer to use that instead of the english. Still waiting on the other track titles. So that explains that.
  • Track 23 on Disc 3 should be Hayami Sho, not Sho Hayami. Sorry about that.
  • Don't take this part off: "Ripped by dark_alone @". If you want to share something, go buy and rip it yourself.
  • Do Not reshare the rip.
  • Do not reshare the scans.

This is not meant as a replacement to actually buying this Soundtrack. Support them and BUY it.

Please Comment if taking. Say Thanks, spaz, etc.

***It's only affected 2 ppl that i know of but if you can't get Disc 2 26. Tree's Filtered Sunlight it's here***