December 13th, 2009

sleepy ash

InuYasha Kanketsu-hen ED 1 Single - Hide Away by AAA

(It's the back cover, but hey it's themed ya know)

  1. Hide-away(TV-CFソング)
  2. With you(読売テレビ・日本テレビ系アニメ「犬夜叉 完結編」エンディングテーマ)
  3. Hide-away(dino starr Mix)
  4. Hide&Seek(SCP ReVamp Mix)
  5. Find you(Super Mix)
  6. Hide-away(Instrumental)
320kbps / Scans


This originally was a 224MB rar that included a cue & flac file also the scans. I burned it to CD, and then ripped it to make MP3s of the tracks.
Thusly re-raring the scans with the mp3s and uploading to MF for anyone here who wishes to listen to this.