January 20th, 2010

sleepy ash

something funny in irc a few days/weeks back

I was afk at the time of this but "Halle" is me and Beulah is beulah_page .

[14:02] <+Vicious|> Oh yeah, funny story for when I get back
[14:08] <@Beulah> ok...
[14:09] <+Vicious|> Ok, so I
[14:09] <+Vicious|> have told you all that my dad is nosy and paraniod right?
[14:10] <@Beulah> sorta
[14:10] <+Vicious|> He saw that I got letters from you and Halle
[14:11] <+Vicious|> And came to the conclusion that Halle is part of a Canadian terror cell
[14:11] <+Vicious|> And that you have some sort of illegal connections in Japan Beulah
[14:12] <@Beulah> hahahahhahaha
[14:12] <+Vicious|> Yeah
[14:12] <@Beulah> he's not confiscating it, is he?
[14:13] <+Vicious|> No
[14:13] <+Vicious|> But it confuses the hell outta him
[14:13] <+Vicious|> lol
[14:13] <@Beulah> that is awesome
[14:13] <+Vicious|> Isn't it?
[14:14] <@Beulah> i usually just get raised eyebrows when i get stuff from people
[14:15] <+Vicious|> I got an inquisition =P
[14:16] <@Beulah> >.>
[14:17] <+Vicious|> But yeah, he just can't figure out why people would make a flash drive like that
[14:19] <@Beulah> lol
[14:19] <@Beulah> they make wierder ones
[14:19] <@Beulah> my parents are curious but never ask
[14:20] <+Vicious|> He asked questions for at least 20 minutes
[14:20] <@Beulah> i show/explain stuff sometimes so they don't think anyone's scary XD
[14:20] <@Beulah> wow
[14:22] <@Beulah> you should move out as soon as you can
[14:23] <+Vicious|> You're telling me

last nite: (i'm Raven_Night ps: i have a nack for only paying half attention to things as seen below)

[22:24] <+Vicious|> I'm gonna have to be at school for like 6 hours tomorrow even though I only have 1 class...
[22:24] <+Ichikeromu|> wtf
[22:25] <+Vicious|> Because my parents insist on not making more than 1 trip and say "If you could drive it wouldn't be a problem"  which is bullshit because we only have 2 cars and that wouldn't work anyways
[22:26] <@Beulah> only make 1 trip?
[22:27] <@Beulah> they gonna make you sleep there the whole night and bring you back after class the next day?
[22:27] <&Raven_Night> lol
[22:27] <+Vicious|> Oh you
[22:28] <+Vicious|> It's still stupid
[22:29] <&Raven_Night> i'd have all nighted at school many times if they'd had let us lol
[22:33] <@Beulah> i'm glad my parents aren't that mean
[22:38] <+Vicious|> I shoulda moved out but they fucking lied to me and now I don't have the money to
[22:40] <@Beulah> lied about what?
[22:42] <Harumane> ?
[22:42] <Harumane> how did they made you spent you money?
[22:44] <&Raven_Night> o.O
[22:44] <&Raven_Night> »» Playing :: Fairy Tail Main Theme - Slow ver. - :: Takanashi Yasuharu :: Fairy Tail OST Vol.1 : 0:41 / 2:35 :: 160 kbps ««
[22:45] * &Raven_Night wonder if one should do the black lines for the skin and hair too...*
[22:46] <&Raven_Night> i love this track
[22:47] <+Vicious|> They didn't I spent it on gifts
[22:47] <+Vicious|> And about a lot of things they agreed to change around here
[22:49] <@Beulah> i'm sorry, that's crappy
[22:51] <+Vicious|> Indeed
[22:56] <&Raven_Night> but then you got those evil xmas documents and now they think you are plotting to take over the world....
[22:56] <&Raven_Night> »» Playing :: Shukumei :: Takanashi Yasuharu :: Fairy Tail OST Vol.1 :: 1:57 / 2:52 :: 160 kbps ««
[22:58] <@Beulah> especially with your mob connections and my illegal imports XD
[22:59] <+Vicious|> lol
[22:59] <@Beulah> that was one of the funniest things someone's ever said about me
[22:59] <+Vicious|> Indeed lol

This is the member of the Canadian terror cell, referred to as Raven Terror from Above, signing off.