January 29th, 2010

sleepy ash

i just picked a white thing out of my cat's eye

damn that was loads of fun. not only was i freaking out about poking him in the eye, but he was freaking out about the same, and wouldn't keep still.... thusly leaving me all 'omg omg omg! I'm gonna poke him in the eye' which isn't fun at all.

on another note.... we have arrived in the new place.... mostly. lol still a lot at the apartment.

i've got so much in piles it's insane!

also no clue about where anything is.... @_@ The printer is still at the apartment tho. XD
It's also cold here. which is great. we don't want huge heating bills either. it's electrical heating btw...

more later... busy!

oh! dollhouse series finale was all @_@ & T_____T & OMG TOPHER! and more... but really FOX should have shown us Epitaph One before this episode. which is it's part 2. EpitaphOne was season one's episode 13, as Epitaph Two was this season's episode 13. But FOX decided to never show it, so neither did Global... but it was okay to follow along as long as you'd seen episode 12, but still.

DRRR watched it almost fell asleep... i blame Fukuyama Jun's voice or the lack of excitement in the episode.