February 17th, 2010

sleepy ash

i didn't sleep much last nite


Ikuta Toma

no wait let's start at the beginning....

there was a post by ringoshiba  (yes i'm totally blaming you for this)  because BECAUSE she was all like "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" & "Oguri Shun" note the Shun part, since i've loved him since seeing Crows ZERO. So I thought, 'hey, why not check it out?'

I completely failed at the torrent. but! found a site with a irc chan and score! fast easy grabs of eps.

I was gonna watch just the firs t episode, ya know right? But that didn't work out to well. I was also feeling completely ill at supper time. Didn't eat til waay late, around 10pm. Didn't start addiction marathon of eps until at least 11pm, even though i was going to bed early (sick, right?)

then complete marathon with no sign of sleepiness at all, until i decided 'shit! i need to go to bed' it's after 5am, but damn i just wanna keep watching, ya know? right? and-- and so stopped at episode 7 after the title.

Today i did NOTHING. I mean, i so totally finished the series, but i didn't do much else. -_- I got up at 9 yo.. that's not much sleep to go on. I have ZERO engery but i'm not tired (senseless speak timez) I didn't eat anything til 4pm. I get flushed tackling the stairs, which is a must if i want to a) drink anything; b) use the toilet; c) eat; d) go outside.. basically anything.

Did i mention i'm up at 5am tomorrow? for my one day of work this week which is only 3.5hrs? but if i don't go, i don't get money, and i lose my holiday pay.


also i'm collecting Ikuta Toma fans now.

also OST listening to right now @_@ & *_*