February 28th, 2010



so thanks to xlumierex  for pointing me to skutergirl 's post with an avi of eps 1 & 2 with the commentaries.

So I've audio ripped them so i can listen to them whenever...
I, thanks to the director and gang, now want to watch Mad Max 2. (but CANADA VS USA is on in less than 2 so can't)

If anyone is interested in audio of the 2 commentaries feel free to speak up.

oh hey

"24 year old Joannie Rochette will carry the Canadian flag into tonight's Olympic closing ceremonies.  Rochette took bronze in women's figure skating, just days after her mother passed away. Sent 1:37 pm."

Joannie said she'd received so much love while at the games, from all over the world, letters of support. Celine Dion even called her after she won Bronze and they talked for hours. Caught most of her performance in the gala last nite. She's such a good skater.