March 8th, 2010

sleepy ash


...still can't use my scrapbook

- my DRRR OP SINGLE still hasn't arrived (is this what free shipping is usually like? i hate it)
- my mom left my keys in the door... yes in the door all Saturday nite.... until my dad got here Sunday morning and just let himself in... THAT'S RIGHT! ANYONE COULD HAVE JUST COME ON IN... guess we live in a safe neighbour...? @_@ *spins*

I watched Ponyo on Blu-ray today. It was good. I liked it. But not as much as say... Howl's moving castle or Spirited Away
Speaking of SPIRITED AWAY I watched it for the first time in Japanese. Yes i know i know what the hell is that about? *shrugs* It was also good. lol

I watched the Oscars last nite... all of it... YES ALL OF IT. Fluffy, puffy dresses were in and lots of those tube/strapless things, that looked awful on most that were wearing them. The memorial thing, that i like to see each year... EXCUSE ME.... BUT..... WTF?! MICHEAL JACKSON?!?!!? EXCUSE ME!!!! ASSHOLES, WHERE WAS FARAH FAWCETT? YOU KNOW A PERSON WHO WAS IN MOVIES?!?!? ALSO BEA ARTHUR WAS ALSO MIA. ASSHATS.

Sandra Bullock.
Won Best Actress
That was the best part of the show.
Out of all the movies nominated.. all of them even /Avatar/ The Blind Side is the only one I want to see.
I'm awfully picky about what movies i like. Avatar doesn't look great or even slightly impress me. -_- Maybe if i hadn't seen FFVIIACC i'd be amazed or something like that and flock mindlessly to the theatre to see it over and over... nah, not even then. But Ben Stiller cosplaying an avatar was a sight...


PS: alice blu-ray will get here tomorrow while i'm at work D: WHY?!