March 12th, 2010

sleepy ash


Went a lot Izaya happy... tho not unusual for me.

full episode rip
Bouncy to MikadoBouncy  Type LeaveBouncy
Izaya gets a call | GoSorrymoshi moshi
steps vroom | vroom | type | type bai bai | end
Togusa is epic scary

once again forgive my fail titling XD
mostly 320kbps

went crazy with screens too....

Togusa is so awesome! Sure, he's kinda scary... but awesome... >.>

Collapse )
Jun look

that's great...

I just spend $80+ for 4 magazines.
You would think they'd made a clear statement about how MUCH the total would be, instead of leading you to think what they list was the total, and not just the fucking shipping charge which was insane. so yeah nearly 8000 yen for 4 mags. thank you very much HMV japan. never again. and if customs hit me, i'll cry.

also i emailed them asking about it and got nothing in response before they shipped it. feeling great right now. as is my bank account.

moral is: stick with YA, the mags are limited, and it may take 15 days to get here, but it's better on the wallet.

better be the best fucking j-mags in the world!
i work only once this week and for 3.5 hrs. i can't afford this much.