March 17th, 2010

sleepy ash

cuts, pains, and evilness of soreness kind

we had a 610 piece truck on tuesday.
housewares had 10 sheets, which usually means 10 flat carts.
Carmen's off this week (it's March break here so her family hit up Mexico)  It's usually her, Mary-Anne and I working up stairs in the 3 sections: Housewares, Linens, and kids. Housewares, i should say also equals china and patio; and linens gets candy too. Kids is kids, and none of us want to deal with it.

Anyways... FUCK YEAH Housewares got hit with shit, only thing was it was CHINA and a new line of shit that need 1500 square feet space and can't be put out til next monday, and on stop of that ppl are coming on monday with fixtures to set it up. WHERE? there's no fucking room for that shit. and it's random! there's hot pink boxes with god knows what inside, beige, shinny white, plain white, dark blue, light blue boxes... plates, glasses, utensils, broke shit. AND DID I MENTION DECEIVINGNESS? Big boxes where one weighs a shitload but the next of the same size weighs nothing? and the little boxes are the SAME! Actually one of the smaller, long boxes weighed more than the big one stuff. And there were flat carts and flat carts full of the shit!

Also totally found out they are moving Lingerie upstairs too. x_X WHERE? WHERE IS THERE ROOM FOR ALL THAT SHIT? Just means the rest of us get less room right? that's awesome. Just shove it in there with the baby cribs. yep, great plan. Baby cribs on one side, candy on the other...

^-- isn't that awesome? Where did i get this massive bruise? I don't remember getting hit by a fucking rock or anything...
happened on tuesday, but i've got no idea how or when. I mean clearly while at work, but like i said... HOW!? WHEN!? and by what means?
sure i was lugging around those epic heavy boxes and shit, but that's not usual. BTW it looks worse in RL, but taking a pic of ones arm is seemingly hard. i put ice on it after work yesterday too. it right there on that damn musle so using the hand, bending the arm, it all makes it hurt... why me?

also slowing me down on the vectoring...
sleepy ash

vector update post!

tweaking Iziaya now, next is Shizu-chan

25% zoom on the boys. The lines might be a bit thick, but they can't be too thin either or when i resize they won't exist! lol
both characters wear belts... don't know why i felt the need to mention that. XD

actually between 'printscreen' and posting this.. i changed his hair colour, Izaya's ^^