March 21st, 2010

sleepy ash

meme for you all

lots of ppl have this going...

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Shh blood

improvements makes the old stuff look bad

since i'm slowly, and i do mean slowly redoing my anime fansite, and stalled on the graphics part, because frankly i have too many icons to sort tho, and yes the OLD ONES SUCK BADLY. Or at least i think i've improved greatly since 2007.

Got the first anime section revamped.

Yes all the basic bio info of each chara will be on one page... which mean i have to make new images.. oh well.

i was having one of those conversations on mIRC where you should just stop, but can't help yourself... would be better if i had fellow seiyuu fans on there.

<+Kazehaya-kun> I did find it funny when they showed Seiji with those huge bags under his eye's
<+Kazehaya-kun> it made me laugh
<&Raven_Night> i'm wondering if the 2nd half will add more characters like the Orihara twins
<&Raven_Night> well he most likely hadn't slept and stuff
<+Kazehaya-kun> it might do
<+Kazehaya-kun> yeah but it still made me laugh
<&Raven_Night> Horie kazuma does do crazy good tho XD
<&Raven_Night> which also means i can't hate Seiji lol
<+Kazehaya-kun> lol
<&Raven_Night> on the topic of the seiyuu this also made me happy to hear Togusa speak more *_*
<+Kazehaya-kun> he is the seiyuu for?
 +Kazehaya-kun still hasn't been able to contect seiyuu names with characters
<&Raven_Night> Terashima Takuma was Gitra on KIBA..... Togusa is the character name
<+Kazehaya-kun> ohhh I've not seen it
<&Raven_Night> Horie Kazuma was Noa on KIBA
<&Raven_Night> and you-kyan was police man B on KIBA
<&Raven_Night> you-kyan is Kyohei / Dotachin; Terashima is Togusa; and Horie Kazuma is Seiji
<&Raven_Night> okay so Walker is Finny on Kuroshitsuji; Erika is Noe in true tears
<+Kazehaya-kun> ok
<&Raven_Night> so of course OnoD is Shizuo who was Sebastian in Kuro...
<+Kazehaya-kun> thats why the voice was familiar
<+Kazehaya-kun> and he was Jack in Pandora Hearts
<&Raven_Night> and HiroC who is Izaya was natsume in Natsume Yūjin-Chō of which Horie Kazuma was also in as Tanuma
<&Raven_Night> *Yujin-Cho
<&Raven_Night> of which the music guy of drrr also did the music for
<+Kazehaya-kun> ahhh cool
<&Raven_Night> which is completely why i feel like Mikado's music should be playing during Izaya...
<&Raven_Night> even tho Izaya and Natsume are nothing alike
<&Raven_Night> i think thisis why i have so many anime lined up for april...
<&Raven_Night> »» Playing :: 「Dive」 :: Konishi Katsuyuki :: TVアニメ モノクローム・ファクター キャラクターソング FACTOR.4 KOU Dive 洸 :: 3:19 / 4:10 :: 320 kbps ««
<&Raven_Night> ah Tom should have been in ep 11
<&Raven_Night> just need to add Suwabe to the cast and it would be like a monochrome factor reunion lol