April 10th, 2010

sleepy ash

this is the day u get a ton of spam emails

from any forum/site/place you may have joined at some point and then remember it exists XD

I thank you to all the early wishes and virtual gifts received so far.

if you have a DA account send me a llama i have like 7, and that's sad.
- it's free

so i watched maid-sama 2 & Hakuouki subbed finally. Maid-sama i'm watching not for the main girl, don't like her type.
Hakuoki is awesome! it's a sunday show.. same as UraBoku... i may die of overload!

guess what..? since last sunday i had been feeling off... and then when i start to feel better on friday i get my period... that's right. what a b-day present! -_-

Speaking of off feeling... I work Tuesdays normally right? so i went to work on Tuesday feeling not great only to find out i wasn't working cuz there was no truck, but Kim let me stay for 3.5 hrs anyway. Lucky! and i still got to go in on Thursday for the small 350 piece truck.

also since "This journal is temporarily in read-only mode. Try again in a couple minutes." Sebby barfed on the floor today. I guess that was his Happy Barfday, Sis' present. >.>