June 17th, 2010

sleepy ash

ah! i figured it out!

i don't really pay attention to "genre" labels

someone told me: 'you watch a lot of shojo' once, and i was: 'i what?' (completely took it as an insult, YES I DID)
blue also responded saying ' don't think she watches that much shojo. XD'  <--- which is so true.. except now i'm finding out series that are mainly male casts are suddenly labeled as shoujo too, not just sailormoon types...

anyways this isn't a label that i use. To me Uraboku is a supernatural series. (demons = supernatural)
Gundam = sci-fi
erementar gerad = fantasy

no it's your imagination... i'm not just using Ishida Akira series as examples... well okay it's fact, but i was unaware until i finished typing 'gerad'
sleepy ash


okay so next vector has been picked.. even though i think i should have tried to finish one of my current ones XD

also i wanted to do a screencap one, since i haven't done one in awhile however I blame dayark  completely...

working canvas size is: 8912 x 9270
I can't promise i'll do Shusei too tho.. yes the plan is to do him, but sometimes i only end up doing the first chara i start lol
then i could have them over lapping a bit and it would be so great! ^___^

although i may still do this one at a later date...

and a yellow scarfed Kida i wanna do...
also there's that nagging urge to do a Kyohei w/o hat...

sleepy ash

i has a request/favour...

romaji of this song please!
so i can fail sing-along lol

helio by kannivalism -MediaFire-

「can you breathe?」hello hello hello my friend
キミに キミに キミに 聴かせたい

hello hello hello my babe ほら キミよ キミよ 笑って

星降る丘から 差す 希望に ほら ごらん キミの キミの beautiful day
hello hello hello my sweet おくれよ キミの キミの 愛を

耳を澄ませば 聴こえてくる 物語 未来へと虹をかける beautiful day

hello hello hello helios hello hello hello helios

素晴らしい日々を 羽ばたく ヒト 羽根ひろげて
キミの ボクの beautiful days
「beautiful day」

she said ひとつを願うキミ 想いだったりを...羽ばたく様に
she said ひとつを願うキミ 希望を抱く鳥 羽ばたく...宇宙に
she said ひとつを願うキミ 愛だったりを 奏でる...愛
she said ひとつを願うキミ 自由を描く鳥...羽ばたく
she said 愛だったり she said 愛だったり 奏でる…愛

she said 愛だったり 沢山の思い出 忘れたくないよ
ほら出会った頃に そう出会った頃に

she said.. 沢山の「想い」「希望」「自由」
唄ったりしよう 沢山の愛をね

hello hello hello「my friend」「my babe」「my sweet」「helios」

hello hello hello「my mum」「my dad」「my life」「helios」

she said..愛を願う様に she said..愛を願う様に
「she said, under the helios.」