June 24th, 2010

sleepy ash

Kitteh Update

well it's most of a total explain and update as i didn't original post anything, as to not think the worst and jinx myself...

Sebastian  CRAPPED (and as per usual, since he thinks he's a dog) on the little cat mat in the bathroom beside his litter. I need to call my mom before 12pm to report in about this event.

Why in gods name? you may ask... well on Monday morning i noticed that Sebby had barfed an awful lot on his play rug (yes he's got a play rug... you try to move it he gets upset)  we didn't think much of it, as on occasion he does barf, right? But at about 2am that night up in Mom's bedroom (he sleeps on his kitty condo up there - yes he has a  condo of this own...) he apparently barfed in 3 spots. We severely limited his food on tuesday. He showed no signs of shit action on tuesday. Mind you he does out outside on a limit leash, and yes he may go outside, but we've never seen him. So on Wednesday, still limiting the food, since no poop, and it's best to not feed a cat too much, if it can't poop, yes?

I did manage (by accident) to get him high on catnip via the plant >.>'''' I promptly but him outside, since he's a pusher and i didn't want him to push the plant onto the floor... (srsly the first 3 times were enough for me)  He did however manage to roll off the side of the step outside... i'm sure that was /fun/ but being high, it may have been. lol I saw him do it so i went straight to make sure the leash wasn't caught anywhere, It would have been epic if he had fallen into the water tray out there tho. XD

still no signs of poop action last nite... until this morning!  Still going to limit his food tho. Poor thing.

also there was an EARTHQUAKE yesterday about 2:30pm.... DIDN'T feel a thing lol
I was down here tho so... also if there was a tremor my figures would have committed mass suicide... >.>'''
It seemed to mainly felt but those in high buildings. Not so much the first few floors. If i was still in the apartment i may have felt it then.