July 15th, 2010

sleepy ash


sooo i have my mom reading 'How to Train Your Dragon'
When i ordered 'Doctor Who: the complete specials' from amazon, i put it on the order as well. And since i have the audio for it, and im all kinds of lazy, i gave it to my mom to read.

She's like: "Have you read it yet?"
Me: "no, but David Tennant read it to me."
mom: o.O <-- clearly a face of 'why do i have to read it then?'

It's great tho, has drawings, big print, hardcover... the extra at the back: "how to train your viking"
mind you not in the best shape >.< cover it ripped, the hard cover also has a tear... but w/e i still like it.

A bit ago i finally got around to cracking open 'The Last Unicorn' and completed it in no time. This is why i don't read much. I can't stop once i start, if it's a good book, and the Last Unicorn is a GREAT book.

i started to try and read 'the neverending story' but the print is tiny, and it's a much fatter book, paperback as well, and it's hard to keep open. -_-
Bastian is a fat 12 yr old.. he soooo wasn't fat in the movies! not that i have anything against fat kids tho, it's just better to not say the size of someone so you can get a good image of them in your head or something...

started watching the specials dvds. Watched End of Time Part 1 with commentary on. DT, Catherine Tate and the director Euros or something. CT hadn't seen the ep yet, so she was quite at times. Part 2 also has DT on commentary, of which i'm glad. I watched his last Video Diaries... he apparently cried quite a few times, and broke down a little while recording himself too. He really did after they wrapped his final scenes and he had to go back into the studio to say one final goodbye to the crew. He said he wanted to run away, to not go, but that he had too. wah it was so sad. Yes i cried a little.

SPACE aired the last ep of series 2 tonight, and i wanted Mom to see The Runaway Bride before seeing episode 1 of series 3. Proper order and all that yeah? So what did i end up doing? Sat there and watched the whole bloody thing.... It's like an addiction i tells ya. I swear to gods i just watched not too long ago.. i almost know it word for word. -_- However now Mom can watch series 3 on DVD and not Space. yay no commericals! no set time! freedom! lol and after that she can watch series 4. Now to get her to stop asking about Rose... so i don't spoil it. Yes i know space is showing the runaway bride on saturday, but honestly, that's out of order. Yes we were watching the special this past saturday the first one with DT, cuz i'd never seen it. And to be honest i didn't miss much.

anyways it's late.. and i've babbled enough, yes?
also tired x________________x