July 28th, 2010

Brera Cute!

the day

i was having one of those blah days.

last nite i had a bit of a migraine.
i had taken a couple  low dose aspirins (baby aspirin)
then i took some Trammel (homoeopathic)
a bit later a couple more low doses (i can't swallow pills if you were wondering)

so before bed i decided maybe a half dose of NyQil would help (15 ml)
mind you at this point, 11pm i was drowsy already, with the getting up at 4:30am for work and all.

so today i woke up at 11:45am
that's right, fucking noon. I was gonna clean today.

I cleaned after getting home from work yesterday. Washed the kitchen floor. Swept it before hand, and the living/dining room.
Washed the windows in the den/office & guest room. 

So today i was gonna do a few more bits, but clearly didn't. I feel blah illish. still feel blah. So i ate something... while watching AMC, and heard a song on it: Breathe by Ryan Star (had to lyric search on google). Then to add to the not doing anything thing... i watched My Girl 2 in HD... and then My Girl, since it was on after it. Then it was after 4pm...

Also after work on tuesday I popped into the dollar plus store in the mall and picked up a few things.
- a bottle of white craft paint
- a wooden door sign (for my bedroom)
- some sticker foam letters
and completely unrelated to the above project: a picture frame.

so not only did i clean a bit yesterday, but i did some arts and crafts too XD

if this doesn't my geekness/nerdy side i don't know what will....

frame for?

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