August 26th, 2010

sleepy ash

ok gotta post

i don't wanna mis a day this week.

umm what to say... Ryan Star's new album 11:59 is awesome!

Reiga's lines are coming along nicely:

Shipment 1 of 2 is still MIA. So no lookage at PASH! Deeep!! vol 1 yet.

Also The writers need to clue in that for Rookie Blue we want Sam x Andy, and not Luke x Andy!!!
(Andy is a girl btw XD )  I could also be that I do not like Luke... and well Sam is Ben Bass (*____*)
I love Canadian shows. Where else do you get to to hear the 'big nickel' and Sudbury, and mention St. Catherines?
and talk about beavers and handcuffs in the same sentence..  Can I has season 1 on DVD now please!? Sure it's not quite over but... still please!  NOWZ?!

ok babble done, or else i'd still be typing and it'd be tomorrow and then i'd have missed a day. lol

edit: what? no 'rookie blue' tag? Have i not posted about it?!?