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dark-alone [userpic]

YA order

August 31st, 2010 (09:58 pm)

mood: tired
music: Ryan Star - Start a Fire | Powered by Last.fm

I just ordered Tegami Bachi dama  cd 1 (came out in either jul or jun)
pre-ordered uraboku ost 2 (i hope the cover isn't FAIL again)

work... so she has us coming in at 6am of late, and this week i get 3 days (3.5 hrs/day) Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
That 3 days in a row of getting up at 4am X_______X

so in saying this, if i happen to reply to any of your entries... and you get a "WTF? face" lack of sleep will be to blame.
Also if i post an entry and it makes no sense... see above statement lol

if by some dumb luck my other part of my j-mag order from YA comes tomorrow (that's 14 postal days btw Canada Post) I'll post a bit about the PASH!! Deeeep! one...

PS: i fixed my last.fm / foobar issue!

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