September 6th, 2010

sleepy ash

Harddrive Update: RAVEN


thanks to all who gave me advice!
specially so soubi_no_kissu , since I did need to get a new enclosure kit, (and google to find out how to remove the magic no screws LaCie enclosure) for a new power source... as that was all that was wrong with my poor fallen RAVEN...

however that also means I just spent $90.39 on a new EHDD (Hitachi) that I didn't really NEED (but can of course use) as i was freaking out about my music collection death... yeah... (>__>)

and of course thanks to mr nu Hitachi drive (apparently the HDD inside Mr.LaCie is also a Hitachi... who new?)... RAVEN thinks itself as drive K, and not J, now so new playlist making time!
oh well. just happy RAVEN lives!

So if you also own a LaCie... no screws because they use tape! so that means sticking objects into the sides, like say chopsticks, to pry it open enough for the tape to let go... also butter knives...

ALSO URABOKU!!! that's some kind of love, isn't it?
I love Reiga! (but that's not surprising, I've loved him since the dramas) How will it end? we shall see.