September 8th, 2010

sleepy ash

YA MIA package arrived

Good thing i decided to wait a bit more before contacting YA about it. Seeing as i was gonna on Tuesday...

Has a couple nice pullouts PASH! ! Deeeep! vol 1

- Durarara!! w Izaya running from Shizuo (it's also the front and back covers of the mag)
- Hakuouki w a kitty and ummm i've forgotten his name! what is it... well Toshi's in it and Yusa's chara... with AP says is Okita! (this is the reverse of the DRRR one :/ )
- Sengoku BASARA 2 w Date & Sanada (shocking i know) and Ishitan's chara and Okki's
- Izuma Eleven (or something)
- Kuro II w Sebby and Claude in the background; Ciel looking uncomfortable while Alois is touching him
- Hetalia (reverse of Kuro II)

Some DRRR!! Stickers (there's kanji one them dunno what that says lol)

Durarara!! - 10 pgs
Hakuouki - 6 pgs
Hetailia - 6
Angel Beats - 2
Sengoku BASARA 2 - 6
Kuro II - 4 (Sakupyon & OnoD!)
Oofuri 2 - 4
Legend of the... - 2
Inazuma 11 - 4
UraBoku - 4
Togainu - 2
shiki - 2
Naru no mago - 4 (little bit of a seiyuu event too; also includes basic stat info on charas -DoB, height, weight-)

around 78 pages total (seems to count pullouts etc)