November 9th, 2010

sleepy ash

oh god i feel like dren

just have to hold out til after work. I have Wednesday off at least.
Went to be about 9:30 last nite, that's insanely early for me.
Skipped out on watching The Event too. I can watch it On Demand tho, luckily, i don't think it's the best show to miss an ep of.
Need to watch this week's The Walking Dead as well, it's on too late for a girl needin' to get up at 4am.

So there's this flu going around work right now.. yeah... hope this isn't that. -____- Anne was sick yesterday (all weekend) and apparently it's making rounds around the cosmetics girls.... as long as they are not at work doing makeovers that include passing sicknesses....

i haven't been to AP in so long the site's completely different! I'd like to share my TnC vectors but i don't know how lol

dren is a farscape term to replace 'shit' works out really well btw.