November 10th, 2010

sleepy ash

slight fever: check!

so when you're feeling kinda blah you wanna have some soup yes?

well so i pick out a knorr leek dry mix soup thing (3 cups water, 1 milk) and you pour in the water whisking in the mix, and the milk... simple.
on the med-high lvl whisking until it boils, yo, and things really hate to boil for me, and then asshole Sebby wants outside so i quickly hook him up and open the door but he won't do out and then, oh yes, the pot boils over!

as it's hissing and spiting Sebby's trying to run away but can since (you stupid cat) he's hooked on his lead still. I'm ignoring him and trying to stop the soup. I turn off the heat, and put the pot in the sink. damn what a mess. I let Sebby outside and he sits out there starring in at me...

so umm yeah.. half the soup was wasted. I had a couple bowls, and the remaining is in the fridge. Why is nothing ever simple?

I'm rewatching Ghost Hunt. Trying to get the section back up on Ashita He as well. So i was doing some website gfx! that's been awhile, i must say.

Did i mention i feel like dren, yet?

whatelse... umm... well.... xmas, i guess? i got my little cousins $15 ardene's gift cards (there's 4 of them), I need to find something for Miss Lily (my cousin Michelle's 2 yr old who has everything and then some). I drew my Aunt Donna's name so that's a $60 gift... i WANT her list now. So i can get it done tho. I got my Dad's gift (2 neil young related books), his wife (can't say as it could be a spoiler for someone who may read this XD ) and my mom (Legend of the Seeker Season 1 - she loved this series for some reason lol)

I has foam snowflakes sitting beside me right now XD they're kinda cute.

I ordered a few things from Jlist, it's been a couple yrs since i last did. Hopeful they ship soon and customs is kind to me.