November 24th, 2010

Brera Cute!

o__________________________o whut?

okay so me dad talked sometime while i was rewatching Doctor who water of mars, or the Water on Mars, or whatevers it may be called.

well it would seem a couple weeks back my Grandma fell getting out of her car. She's 76 for those wondering. She hurt her back, i guess. And although i understand the not going to the hospital thing as i'm like that too, however me Grams is on kidney dialyzes, and what not ya know (or not, i can't remember if i posted about that or not.). Well then i guess she stopped eating! And then last nite she got up to use the toilet (i guess, which is kinda gross imo, has a port-a-poddy in her bedroom cuz the machine she's hooked up to over nite cord's not long enough to reach the real toilet) and then she didn't have enough strength to get up off of it. She fell  off... dragged herself across the floor.. ripped off a toenail even!and then finally (did i mention that she lives in a house with her Daughter, husband and son?) Gord heard her cries for flippin' help, and came downstairs helped her into bed. The next morning took her to the hospital. Now of all things they are talking about putting her in a home!

She doesn't need a nursing home! She lives in the lower lvl area of a house with my fucking Aunt, Uncle and son!  I'm sorry but that was a bad idea from the start! She pays for the electricity! She pays for all the food! Last i heard the only thing they pay for is the GAS. Her mind is sound. She doesn't need to be put in a home to be cared for. My Aunt says she's tired of looking after Grams. BS> she does nothing! Donna does it all. (oldest of the sibs)

My Uncle Laverne on my Mom's side, is well... i mean he's in great health and all that, but his mind isn't that great.  So My mom, and her sister Elaine are trying to figure out where he should go. I mean his house is a good distance from the Clinton, and winter is coming and all that. But he lives alone. With no car. This isn't the case with my Dad's Mom. I don't like this shit at all.

time to change the topic.

Tuesday after work, i managed to survive with only running into the side of one bed, and hitting my hand on something... it was at home that it would get me... Sebby.... Sebby is as hard as a rock. He FRELLING tripped me! I did manage to save myself from face planting on the floor by uses the love seat, but my toes!!! big toe, and the 2 next to it are slightly bruised. Hoping shoes won't be to painful tomorrow for work...

ah what a life...


soubi_no_kissu ... where are you?

sleepy ash

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Okay firstly Shiki alived alive and well so he's got a home now:

because using two Sebby faces makes this more epic:


Plushies con't (i'm sure these are fake but whatever lol)

Gen-kun i made tho, so it's the fanmade kind lol

resorted my anime:


i've misplaced my AIR the MOVIE DVD T___T