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dark-alone [userpic]

what's better than Hoshi saying engrish?

Ishida Akira...

wait for it.


dark-alone [userpic]

old? who really cares

December 21st, 2010 (10:12 pm)
music: 小野大輔 - 熱烈ANSWER | Powered by Last.fm

okay so while ordering my TnC guitar OST which is now called 'light my fire'
i decided to add on 'Fairy Tale - Angel Tail (Otogi Story - Tenshi no Shippo): Character Songs 4 Shiseiju hen' so when that gets here, i'll be sharing it as well.

came out in 2002, so it's by no means new.

Skating with the Stars has now ended, and thankfully the one pair with talent won it. Way to go Rebecca & Fred!

okay so i need to get to bed now. working tomorrow. 4am wake up and all that jazz.

changed my 'default' userpic to Kyouichi, he needs the love.

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