January 7th, 2011

sleepy ash


getting the new system tonight!
I think i've grabbed all i want from this one. gonna make one last run thru just to be certain.

srsly don't want to forget something  important.
my dad is taking this one after all.
i wish him luck in solving the 'what the fuck did you turn off for this time?' issue. lol

also the latest news story via my email is sad:

Peel Infant Dies From Injuries
a 14-month old infant has died after being beaten at a Mississauga daycare, located near Cawthra and the QEW. The operator, April Luckese, was taken into custody last night. She is now facing charges in the incident.

random note: 
Canadian Tire is having a storage sale, and maybe just maybe i'll finally be able to get that pull out garbage/recycling thing i've been looking at for almost a year. 60% off. $28.98 instead of $79.99

anyways best get back to my run thru, as i'll be leaving to get it around 5pm...