January 12th, 2011

sleepy ash

because i can't stop...

making entries suddenly... again.

Finally watched the last ep of TnC.... and wow... yeah... first time i really truly noticed the fail animation. srsly, i never really noticed any of it before ep 12. I'm so sorry.

re-caught up on fairy tail. right up to ep 61. I was one ep 57 or 58.

watched ep 1 of Beelzebub .. and well.... yeah.... Konitan can you please be in something that isn't stupid? I'll try to watch another episode, but srsly wtf? man. Can i get another season of Loveless or Shounen Onmyouji? PLEASE.

catch-up watch list:
Yakumo ep 7 & up
hakuouki 2 ep w/e
starry sky (which started late dec)

is there anything i should try to watch for the current season?
sleepy ash


okay as posted in konitan_rabu  & yoshinohiroyuki 

these are following roles for them this season so far (or so i've noticed)

Oga Tatsumi in Beelzebub (Konitan)

Orito in Kare wa Zombie Desu ka? (Yocchin)

at this point i'm more likely to watch kare wa zombie, but it's not because i like it. I find there is a lot of very deeply stupid anime this season.
If i wanted to watch deeply stupid animated programs I'd be watching the Simpsons etc. Shows that make you feel deeply stupid, while insulting everyone and making it all a joke. Breeding stupid people is fun, ka? The world is already full of enough stupid people. thank you.
sleepy ash

Dragon Crisis PicSpam

Sometimes it's better when characters can't speak. That aside...
this is also a Studio DEEN production (07-ghost, shounen onmyouji, nura no mago etc)
Meet Ryuuji (CV: Shimono Hiro)

now follow me down the Lost Precious Rabbit hole....

now note the girl to your right: shy, possible close friend to Ryuuji... who's name eludes me but it's only been one ep...

Enter odd lady, referred to as 'hot' by classmates

Collapse )
sleepy ash

quick post before bed

I watched ep 1 of Level-e and yes i think i could like it.
the OP had me worried tho. lol

Yakumo OST!!!
finally got my hands on it. Love it.
well only on track 3 tho, but i know i'll love it. lol


also i want to order the "starter" vol of Supernatural the Animation but  i can't decide whether to go DVD or Blu-ray.
DVD i could play on the computer (maybe, need to tried playing Japanese DVDs on Reiga still), however the blu-ray i could play on my blu-ray player... same price either way. but i don't wanna buy both formats lol

okay bedtime... or watch a bit of season 2 of Babylon 5...

edit: track 8 - band of fate is really nice. i remember it from the series, altho i did just watch 6 eps so..