January 20th, 2011

sleepy ash

V & why i watch?

why am i watching?
I mean the person who plays Anna looks like a lizard! they do not need to add lizard/visitor qualities to her at all!
I swear to god her and that guy from big bang theory both look like LIZARDS!!! it scares me. Wow she was born in 1979? she looks much older. -___-

so why?

this is Joshua. He's a visitor and doesn't look like a lizard while in human form. Thank gods. He's played by Mark Hildreth. And I tend to stalk him. XD I blame YTV and them playing Gundam Wing. It's true. It's their fault! He was the English dub voice for Heero Yuy.
Tho i think the first thing i ever saw him in was 'The Odyssey ' but that's before i knew who he was.

he had a small part in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ' and I noticed him right away. Me: "it's Mark Hildreth!" and got all excited, and then he was gone. T___T


back to V. there's also this guy:

Hobbs. Who's first name is apparently Kyle (they always call him Hobbs)

I do like Lisa too, but I liked her as Kara on Smallville (altho i haven't watched it much til this season) Laura Vandervoort  is Canadian, and i tend to like Canadians XD

i think it's time for lunch. and something to drink, and toilet break also more Babylon 5. I'm on season 4 now.

GOt Him done in record time. i know it's scary.

Stop living A Lie
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