January 30th, 2011

Ono Dai-chan

funny thing

while "paging" thru amazon.ca I saw Versus on DVD for $44.99 and thought: 'if i ever see Versus for under $25 I'd get it'
So later after changing the search topic I saw it on Blu0ray for $22.99! So i ordered it. Yay! Blu-ray for cheaper! SCORE.
Sadly i was looking for some j-horror for around $20 or maybe a manga for $11... to top off my order for free shipping at $25 at pre-ordering "Still walking" >_____>'''''

Speaking of blu-ray I DID decide on pre-ordering the "starter pack" (aka just eps 1 & 2) of Supernatural the Animation in this format.
also on the topic of this I got my NT Feb yesterday and there is a couple of pgs about it in there. I'll try to scan maybe.
Far more excitted by the Animation then the current season. I WAS very happy it was delayed til next week, still trying to decide if it's worth watching instead of Fringe at 9pm. I do get up at 4am on fridays, and i'm not too sure if i  could make it til 12am to even watch Fringe on a west chan. also it wouldn't be an HD chan T___T the only thing that peeks my interest is that there may be dragons in it... or at least the term is used. My luck they wouldn't be real dragons.