February 1st, 2011

sleepy ash

i got my TnC OST today

so expect that share soon.
I don't think ill do any scans tho, as the booklet isn't that much of anything worth scanning. :/

Snow Storm to hit over night. at least i don't have to see if I can die trying to get to work. Kim called to say the truck been cancelled for tomorrow and re-scheduled for Thursday so i'm in on thurs & fri now.
we could see 30cm of snow. oh the joys of a Pissed Off Mother nature.

Environment Canada's blurb:

"Winter storm warning for London - Parkhill - Eastern Middlesex County continued

Major winter storm tonight into groundhog day.

Light snow has fallen across portions of Southern Ontario this morning ahead of the upcoming storm. Most locales received a centimetre or two. It has now tapered off to isolated flurries.

Lake effect flurries are also coming onshore into the Hamilton area today. An additional few centimetres of snow are likely in and around the Hamilton area by tonight. The risk of a heavier snow squall is becoming less likely due to the shallow nature of the low cloud from the lake.

Heavy snow from the developing storm will arrive in Southwestern Ontario this evening and quickly spread northeast to the greater Toronto area shortly after midnight and into Eastern Ontario by Wednesday morning. Widespread total snowfall amounts of 20 to 30 cm are likely before the snow begins to taper off Wednesday morning in the southwest and in the afternoon farther east.

In addition strong and gusty northeast winds will accompany the snow. This will cause frequent whiteout conditions in blowing snow..Resulting in near blizzard conditions especially overnight into Wednesday morning.

The snow may change to ice pellets and freezing rain for a while tonight and tomorrow morning for regions near Lake Erie.

This will be the first Major winter storm of the season for the Toronto area..And the strongest storm of the season for many regions outside the traditional snow belts. The heavy snowfall and blowing snow will cause whiteout conditions making for extremely hazardous driving conditions.

This major winter storm is quite large in size and will have a major impact on travel especially tonight and on Wednesday.

This is a warning that dangerous winter weather conditions are imminent or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

The major winter storm is over Arkansas and is tracking towards the lower Great Lakes. It will likely cross Northern Ohio overnight then into New York state on Wednesday. Major winter storms originating in Texas usually have a fairly large band of heavy snow in areas on the cold..Or north side..Of their track..With maximum total snowfall amounts often reaching 30 cm. This winter storm is no exception.

The public should be prepared to change plans accordingly to avoid unnecessary travel during the storm as travelling conditions will be dangerous at times. If driving is necessary, make sure you have an emergency kit. And if your car gets stuck, remain calm and stay in your car.

Environment Canada continues to monitor this dangerous winter storm and will issue further watches and warnings as necessary. "
sleepy ash

snow storm warning changes to...

a flippin' BLIZZARD warning!
first time since 1993

come dig me out after it's all over please.

p l e a s e

still waiting for MegaUpload to complete the u/l of the OST 
it's pw'ed w/o scans at 320kbps... it's coming soon, in a f-locked post.
wait for it.