February 15th, 2011

sleepy ash

this and that

firstly Saturday was an awful nite!
Sebby got himself trapped in a small place to fall down for me to be able to pull him out D:
Mom and I really thought we weren't gonna have a kitty alive still by Sunday.
after being out there at 6pm he got himself out at 12:15am it was about -10c outside.
I did manage to get his leash unhooked from his collar. If i hadn't been able to do that much there would have been no way he'd have gotten out. The leash was caught on something down there, Took a lot of force to pull it out.
While laying on the cold snow/icy covered stone steps to try to reach him with my one hand I did manage to bruise a couple at least one rib. 
Not pleasant and it hurts like hell.
Bought him a nice new moon and stars collar on Sunday with a bell. He looks so cute!

I've been wanting to do a vector of OnoD and HiroC preferably one of the b&w drawings from the manga, so if you have any suggestions... now is the time. Also would prefer ones where they aren't cutoff on all sides. Like clearlt not gonna get a clean one from a manga, but you know like with the Yakumo one it's just the one side and bottom cutoff.

You-kyan's b-day is the 20th. I want to try to do up some icons. I'll have to mass dig up scans for this one.