March 16th, 2011

Ono Dai-chan

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de-friended my brother on facebook today.
because he kept sharing vids of Dolphins being abused by Japanese

I asked him something like: 'why are you doing this right now? at this time?"
his response was: "it is what it is."

I told my mom about it, and she was thought my decision was fine.

posted the following status before removing him:

I'd like to take this moment to say ASSHOLES are not welcome as my "friends" on FB if you cannot show any compassion or symphony to a country that's going through an extreme crisis right now, you have no place in my life. Period.

I don't think i was in the wrong for this action, even if he is my brother and is going though issues with is spoiled rotten brat wife..

on a side note i've confirmed the safety of soubi_no_kissu's family & friends, and Dad in Japan. So glad.
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