April 10th, 2011

sleepy ash

the 10th is...

and well thank you to everyone who sent me b-day PMs

veninum  (yes i remember you), uilzamc , sekitx2  (thank you again for the gift)

and the countless forums and other places, especially DisneyMovieRewards and their 100 points lol

mom & I ordered Japanese food from a place here, so i've now had octopus and eel!
but really just the bento would have done me. too much food!
and i need to eat most of it by tomorrow too!

also we had sake.
and now i'm sleepy. >____>

Also picked up vol 1 of ao no exorcist yesterday. I read ch 1 last nite. It's really good. It'll be interesting to see how Kamiyan portrays Mephisto, seem like a really zany character, so much so im a little sad Fukuyama won't be voicing him instead of Yukio, Rin's younger twin.
Also lots happens in the first chapter, i wonder if they do it all in one episode or not.

Sekaiichi - well what can i say....? I love it! sure it's only been one ep, but i've read a bit of the manga and well... Konitan.. and there's You-kyan!
but we cannot forget Kondo Takashi (Ritsu) or Tachibana Shinnosuke (Chiaki), or the others for that matter...

Kondo-san is getting a character CD! I've pre-ordered the ED seeing as it is Kita Shuhei and all. Sorta tempted to get the chara cd too now. -___-

PASH!! May is good for Sekaiichi fans with a nice pullout, also Natsume yujin, Kuroshitsuji (Grell, William, and KENN's chara i forget this name), Sengoku Basara, G. Knights, Ao no exorcist and a few others... should be able to see the pic here. just hoping the good ones don't share a page... google trans gibberish says something about sengoku basara 'seals' (stickers i'll guess), something about a special message from Nakai, and an interview with Kondo.. kamiyan & Inoue for  natsume yujin, -- Well i ordered mine already. XD

i think that's all the babble i have for now...